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Monday, April 27, 2009

#9 Short Update

  1. Ordered a Jumpstretch Band yesterday to increase my Pull Up strength
  2. Deadlifts are getting heavy and I'm only at 50 kg at a bodyweight of 68/69 kg
  3. Getting some spacing problems in my workout room (= room for everything else)
  4. Need to find some blocks for deadlifting
  5. Started soft tissue work with the DIY Foam Rollers, seems to help my ITB issue a lot
  6. Thinking about getting a longer barbell (~2 m)


  1. Jumpstretch bands rule! I'm glad to know you're a fellow ITB suffered. Isn't it a pain in the neck. I completely agree about the foam roller helping.

    for your deadlifts, have you ever tried a thick bar? That's my new love. Take Care.


  2. Thanks for your comment, josh. I've never tried the thick bar. I read it's great for grip strength? My problem is the distance of the bar to the floor because i don't have an olympic bar and the biggest plates for my barbell (45 lbs plate) is still to small to reach the 21 cm distance. Therefor i made two blocks yesterday, I'll update you soon on this.