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Sunday, April 19, 2009

#5 HowTo: Build a Foam Roller

For my version of the foam rollers you need:

  • waste pipe
  • insulation for water pipes with same diameter as the waste pipe
  • duct tape

(note: the waste pipe is only smaller because I had no other one left for the HowTo)

Start putting the pipe into the insulation. This will work even if the diameter is the same because the foam is strechable. As you progress, it will get harder because of the friction. Some sunflower oil could help here, i just slammed the pipe to the ground while holding the foam.

When you are done, it looks like this:

The foam I used has some sort of cutting, like this:

To prevent ripping the foam I sealed the cutting with duct tape.

When you are done, the DIY foam roller is very robust, it does not bend at all when I step up:

Here is another one with a bigger diameter for doing thoracic extensions:

I used a bigger waste pipe with a mat we had left to protect the glas of an aquarium where it stands on the table. You can measure the perimeter with a measuring tape or calculate it. Then you cut the mat and adhere it to the waste pipe with duct tape. I recommend you use a little more mat than you measured or calculated so you completely cover the pipe.

Have fun!

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