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Sunday, May 3, 2009

#10 DIY: Deadlifting blocks

The largest plates (20 kg) for my barbell are about 35 cm diameter. That's about 4 cm less space between the bottom of the bar and the floor compared to a standard olympic bar. This can cause problems, especially when you are not very flexible. People usually suggest to put the bar on plates, i don't have enough plates for that.

I found my solution in the hardware store. It's very simple and cheap. Every block consists of three bricks, I used those in the picture.

Then I wrapped the bricks with duct tape:

That's it!

Every brick cost 15 cent, so that's 45 cent for one block. The duct tape ist the most expensive part, but you will probably spend only about 1 Euro per block altogether.

  • match the heigth of an olympic bar
  • protect the floor when the weight comes down to fast
  • stable, can be carried around because of the duct tape
  • can be used for other excersises ( e.g. Deadlifts from box, where you stand on the block)
  • very cheap

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