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Saturday, April 18, 2009

#4 The mysteries of nutrition

Yesterday I listened to this conversation at the supermarket:

Cutsomer: What's this meat?
Employee: It's Omega-3 meat.
Customer: ?
Employee: That means it contains 50 % less fats from animals.
Customer: ?
Emplyee: It's also healthier.
Cusomer: I take it.

For most people, me included, nutrition seems to be one big mystery. I always thought of myself to be a "hardgainer", until I learned that's just another word for "undereater". As I read more books about strength training, something new came to my mind. Since not been eating 6 times a day, that must have been the secret reason why I was not progressing and the only true constant in resistance training.

Last week I found this post at jcdfitness.com. So there is a debate about the frequency? Well that's just great, I was not very happy with my plastic things to carry little portions of food around all day and using the microwave at 10 a.m at work to make some oatmeal.

Speaking of nutrition, here are some stats since I began training four weeks ago:

BW: 65.8 kg
BF: 12.5 %

BW: 68.3 kg
BF: 14.5 %

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